take it from a blog newb: creating one without knowing how to go about it is a painful process.

6 Jun

pffftt . . . finally! i have just spent the last 4 hours creating this blog. who knew it would be so difficult?

apparently, not me.

Three hours for the banner—i have to say, not bad for a photoshop beginner [mentally giving myself a pat on the back]—and another hour trying to figure out how to upload the damn thing.

so why the blog?i know  i’m waaaayyy behind the rest of the world as far as leaving my digital footprint goes, but this has always been on my to-do list. and after putting it off for almost two years, i finally decided to step out into the edge of the ledge and jump headfirst into the world of links and tags and html codes.

this blog just seemed like a natural progression from my . . . errr  . . .   l’amour for fashion. and yes, i know there are about a million and one blogs on the interweb about it. everyone and their mother has probably said everything there is to say about it.

on most days, i believe fashion is about expressing yourself, telling the story of YOU on that particular day through the look you choose to project. the look may not necessarily be original. or avant-garde. or mind-blowing. but it’s who you are at that very moment. and so it is with this blog. many of my rantings ramblings will most likely be rehashed  feelings shared by many others. but they will also be MINE, a compendium of my thoughts and opinions on this ever-changing, circling, and evolving world.

i claim no expertise or superior knowledge whatsoever on the ins and outs of fashion, current trends, and what-not. truth be told,i can count on one hand (okay, maybe two) the names of designers that i know of. but i’m hungry to learn more. so here’s to hoping this blog will help me do just that.



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