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closet | chaos

13 Sep
my closet

this is the state of my closet today

this is how my closet looks like as of 5 minutes ago. pretty, ain’t it? just looking at the picture makes me cringe.eeek.  i see about a gazillion dresses squished in together like sardines. and that’s not even counting  the piles of clothes hiding beneath, screaming for space.

having another closet of the same size would make my problems go away.  i, however, have the misfortune of not having any extra space in the room to store my wardrobe (my books are fighting for space too, and i just can’t give either up!)

so here i am, stuck with this tiny closet where i have to figure out a way to put in about 30 to 40 dresses, 20 pairs of pants/trousers, about 50 different tops  more clothes than it can handle.  i’ve marked off this weekend to do the impossible: arrange everything so it all fits in and still look neat and tidy. the sorry state of my closet in the picture doesn’t show it, but i can get quite OC when it comes to arranging everything. I like to segregate clothes by type, then color. now if you love colors as much as i do, that leaves me with a lot of piles of  dresses, tops, and bottoms, all segregated by color—but nowhere to put them. and therein lies my dilemma.

suggestions, anyone? 🙂



this is going to be a long weekend. here’s to hoping yours is a good one!



thrift and vintage clothes shops: not for the faint of heart

9 Sep

a long time ago—i  can hardly remember how many years it’s been—i used to be a strictly get-my-clothes-off-the-racks-at-the-mall type of girl (outfits from brand name shops were out of my price range and, hence, not an option for me). these days though,  i can barely go a month without scrounging for great finds at thrift and vintage stores.

my history with them is complicated: a part of me would always be insanely jealous whenever friends would parade their finds whenever we’d meet up. and yet another part of me refused to give in. why?  i can be quite the  germophobe . my reaction when friends first invited me on a thrifting adventure was, “no way that’s happening.”  now combine that condition with a hyperactive imagination, and things get from bad to worse. in my mind, i had this picture of thrift and vintage stores to be dingy, airless, dusty places where i was likely to  find somebody’s great-grandmother’s aunt’s wedding dress that was host to a never-heard-of-before virus.

but when i finally looked past my hesitations and  dared to venture inside, they weren’t as bad as i thought they’d be. okay, okay . . . yes, were mostly airless, dusty places and i might have found someone’s wedding dress in one of them, but i got over it in a snap when i realized what else they had to offer—rows and rows of all types of clothes, shoes, and bags crammed and squished together, all daring  and challenging me to see if i had what it takes to score a one-of-a-kind treasure (stamina, a hawk’s eyesight, good eye for detail, patience, patience, and a lot more patience) .

and i’m happy to report that i have proven time and time again that i do indeed have what it takes. 🙂 i was ecstatic when i found stumbled upon a hot pink burberry prorsum shift dress. i was giddy with joy when i chanced on a nude lace-paneled jill stuart summer dress and a lovely diane von furstenburg cropped bolero jacket.  those are only some of the jumping-for-joy moments in my many thrifting exploits.

but don’t get me wrong, designer clothes aren’t the only great things you can find (coz honestly, you can find a gucci dress for all i care, but if it’s ugly, it’s ugly. there’s no going around that :D) i’ve bought a lot of fantastic-looking and unique dresses, pants, and tops whose brands i’ve never even heard of.

if you love to dress up as much as i do, then i’m pretty sure you have your own interesting stories to tell. care to share?

dress-up twins for the day

7 Sep
dress-up twins | govinda and monique

|govinda (right) and me (left)|thanks to our official photographer, oming!


i was pleasantly surprised to come to the office today to find out that my good friend govinda and i thought to wear almost the same thing today 🙂

govinda joined the team as one of our designers and rejoined the company for the third time (!) a couple of months ago. after seeing her around the office every so often the past five years, we finally got the chance to work together—finally.

my love for cropped jean jackets resurfaced because of her. govinda is not only the awesome-est designer, she’s got a fantastic fashion style too: think casual boho chic with a twist. govinda loves her cropped jackets, especially an H&M one she scored from the kid’s section coz she’s so tiny. hehe. mine I just got off a local department store  after deciding that spending twice as much on an f21 version was just impractical (yes, i am able to control my retail impulses to some point.)

if i remember correctly, denim jackets were quite the thing when i was in  grade school. back then though, they we’re quite long, reaching up to my waist and were made of quite thick denim. and denim on denim—oh what a fad! (and on hindsight, blech!)

it just goes to show though that fashion is never about creating new things, it really is just recycling, or maybe the better word is innovating and reimagining past styles.

falling in love with keds all over again

7 Sep
falling in love with keds all over again

who inspires your fashion?

6 Sep


more often than not, we are influenced by current trends and the who’s who when deciding what to wear or what not to wear on any given day. but when it comes to our sense of style, it’s usually the people closest to us who leave us with a lasting impression and helps mold our taste and preferences, a sort of subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) nudge in the direction of what will become our personal style.

for me, that person is (and will always be) my mother. she was an awesome woman who had an impeccable sense of style.

i started thinking about her today when i came across some of her vintage clothes while sorting out stuff in the attic. it made me laugh to see myself picking out (and setting aside for myself) the very clothes i thought were tacky and out-of-date when i was a kid. ha-ha! i even found a lovely pair of high-waisted cropped pants and some to-die for sheer tops!

i remember going to my mom’s room as a kid and just standing in awe at the number of clothes in her closet.  where I live, ballroom dancing was a fad during those days, and mom used to go dancing every week. that meant getting a new dress or outfit to wear every week too. and i would always be amazed when she’d get all glammed up for the night. boy, did my mom love to dress up 🙂 and she was never one to go blindly with whatever the current trend was. she just had this wonderful sense of knowing what would go best with what.

and though she sort of “dictated” my personal style till i was in high school (she was very particular about how we dressed), all those years of her influence have really rubbed off on me. so when people tell me how they enjoy seeing me treat every day as dress-up day, i know i have to thank my mom for that.

so how about you, who inspires your fashion? . . .

polyvore—the next best thing to shopping

5 Sep

polyvorenow i’ve been meaning to write this entry for two weeks months now, but work (and life) seem to always find a way to force themselves into my day just as i am about to sit down and type down my thoughts.

[segue to my blog post topic]…

i’ve always been proud of the fact that keep up-to-date with current trends, be it about fashion, technology, politics, news, what-have-you, but to be told that polyvore has existed long before i got around to discovering it about 6 months ago is just . . . que horror! so much for being “in the know.” ha-ha.

as superficial as it sounds, i love dressing up. every aspect of it.  i love deciding what top goes with a maxi skirt or pair of cropped pants or figuring out what type of shoe would go best with a LBD. why? because there are just soooo many options. there is so much you can do when it comes to dressing up.

i’ve come to accept that this is one of only three ways i express myself creatively. dressing up, to me, is always about making a statement and, as i’ve said before, telling the story of me at that very moment.

but i digress. back to polyvore.

so polyvore feeds my inner wannabe stylista. it’s a fantastic way of creating different looks. the sort-of “grown-up” version of the game dress up. to put it simply, with polyvore, you can create individual “pinboards”  where you can mix and match all these fantasic-looking dresses, shoes, tops, bottoms, accessories—all that accessible to you at the click of your finger. and if you don’t like something, you can just go ahead and discard individual items or your whole creation.  to me, that’s just uber-fan-freaking-tastic! it really feels like all the fun of shopping without having to spend a single cent. i kid you not, there is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you hit the Publish button and see how all the individual elements of your pinboard work together to create a unique look. *sigh*

so why don’t you give it a try? be warned though, it can get really addicting.


P.S. and if you were wondering about my other two means of creative expression—i love to play the violin. and dance. 😀