polyvore—the next best thing to shopping

5 Sep

polyvorenow i’ve been meaning to write this entry for two weeks months now, but work (and life) seem to always find a way to force themselves into my day just as i am about to sit down and type down my thoughts.

[segue to my blog post topic]…

i’ve always been proud of the fact that keep up-to-date with current trends, be it about fashion, technology, politics, news, what-have-you, but to be told that polyvore has existed long before i got around to discovering it about 6 months ago is just . . . que horror! so much for being “in the know.” ha-ha.

as superficial as it sounds, i love dressing up. every aspect of it.  i love deciding what top goes with a maxi skirt or pair of cropped pants or figuring out what type of shoe would go best with a LBD. why? because there are just soooo many options. there is so much you can do when it comes to dressing up.

i’ve come to accept that this is one of only three ways i express myself creatively. dressing up, to me, is always about making a statement and, as i’ve said before, telling the story of me at that very moment.

but i digress. back to polyvore.

so polyvore feeds my inner wannabe stylista. it’s a fantastic way of creating different looks. the sort-of “grown-up” version of the game dress up. to put it simply, with polyvore, you can create individual “pinboards”  where you can mix and match all these fantasic-looking dresses, shoes, tops, bottoms, accessories—all that accessible to you at the click of your finger. and if you don’t like something, you can just go ahead and discard individual items or your whole creation.  to me, that’s just uber-fan-freaking-tastic! it really feels like all the fun of shopping without having to spend a single cent. i kid you not, there is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you hit the Publish button and see how all the individual elements of your pinboard work together to create a unique look. *sigh*

so why don’t you give it a try? be warned though, it can get really addicting.


P.S. and if you were wondering about my other two means of creative expression—i love to play the violin. and dance. 😀


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