who inspires your fashion?

6 Sep


more often than not, we are influenced by current trends and the who’s who when deciding what to wear or what not to wear on any given day. but when it comes to our sense of style, it’s usually the people closest to us who leave us with a lasting impression and helps mold our taste and preferences, a sort of subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) nudge in the direction of what will become our personal style.

for me, that person is (and will always be) my mother. she was an awesome woman who had an impeccable sense of style.

i started thinking about her today when i came across some of her vintage clothes while sorting out stuff in the attic. it made me laugh to see myself picking out (and setting aside for myself) the very clothes i thought were tacky and out-of-date when i was a kid. ha-ha! i even found a lovely pair of high-waisted cropped pants and some to-die for sheer tops!

i remember going to my mom’s room as a kid and just standing in awe at the number of clothes in her closet.  where I live, ballroom dancing was a fad during those days, and mom used to go dancing every week. that meant getting a new dress or outfit to wear every week too. and i would always be amazed when she’d get all glammed up for the night. boy, did my mom love to dress up 🙂 and she was never one to go blindly with whatever the current trend was. she just had this wonderful sense of knowing what would go best with what.

and though she sort of “dictated” my personal style till i was in high school (she was very particular about how we dressed), all those years of her influence have really rubbed off on me. so when people tell me how they enjoy seeing me treat every day as dress-up day, i know i have to thank my mom for that.

so how about you, who inspires your fashion? . . .


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