dress-up twins for the day

7 Sep
dress-up twins | govinda and monique

|govinda (right) and me (left)|thanks to our official photographer, oming!


i was pleasantly surprised to come to the office today to find out that my good friend govinda and i thought to wear almost the same thing today 🙂

govinda joined the team as one of our designers and rejoined the company for the third time (!) a couple of months ago. after seeing her around the office every so often the past five years, we finally got the chance to work together—finally.

my love for cropped jean jackets resurfaced because of her. govinda is not only the awesome-est designer, she’s got a fantastic fashion style too: think casual boho chic with a twist. govinda loves her cropped jackets, especially an H&M one she scored from the kid’s section coz she’s so tiny. hehe. mine I just got off a local department store  after deciding that spending twice as much on an f21 version was just impractical (yes, i am able to control my retail impulses to some point.)

if i remember correctly, denim jackets were quite the thing when i was in  grade school. back then though, they we’re quite long, reaching up to my waist and were made of quite thick denim. and denim on denim—oh what a fad! (and on hindsight, blech!)

it just goes to show though that fashion is never about creating new things, it really is just recycling, or maybe the better word is innovating and reimagining past styles.


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