thrift and vintage clothes shops: not for the faint of heart

9 Sep

a long time ago—i  can hardly remember how many years it’s been—i used to be a strictly get-my-clothes-off-the-racks-at-the-mall type of girl (outfits from brand name shops were out of my price range and, hence, not an option for me). these days though,  i can barely go a month without scrounging for great finds at thrift and vintage stores.

my history with them is complicated: a part of me would always be insanely jealous whenever friends would parade their finds whenever we’d meet up. and yet another part of me refused to give in. why?  i can be quite the  germophobe . my reaction when friends first invited me on a thrifting adventure was, “no way that’s happening.”  now combine that condition with a hyperactive imagination, and things get from bad to worse. in my mind, i had this picture of thrift and vintage stores to be dingy, airless, dusty places where i was likely to  find somebody’s great-grandmother’s aunt’s wedding dress that was host to a never-heard-of-before virus.

but when i finally looked past my hesitations and  dared to venture inside, they weren’t as bad as i thought they’d be. okay, okay . . . yes, were mostly airless, dusty places and i might have found someone’s wedding dress in one of them, but i got over it in a snap when i realized what else they had to offer—rows and rows of all types of clothes, shoes, and bags crammed and squished together, all daring  and challenging me to see if i had what it takes to score a one-of-a-kind treasure (stamina, a hawk’s eyesight, good eye for detail, patience, patience, and a lot more patience) .

and i’m happy to report that i have proven time and time again that i do indeed have what it takes. 🙂 i was ecstatic when i found stumbled upon a hot pink burberry prorsum shift dress. i was giddy with joy when i chanced on a nude lace-paneled jill stuart summer dress and a lovely diane von furstenburg cropped bolero jacket.  those are only some of the jumping-for-joy moments in my many thrifting exploits.

but don’t get me wrong, designer clothes aren’t the only great things you can find (coz honestly, you can find a gucci dress for all i care, but if it’s ugly, it’s ugly. there’s no going around that :D) i’ve bought a lot of fantastic-looking and unique dresses, pants, and tops whose brands i’ve never even heard of.

if you love to dress up as much as i do, then i’m pretty sure you have your own interesting stories to tell. care to share?


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