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13 Sep
my closet

this is the state of my closet today

this is how my closet looks like as of 5 minutes ago. pretty, ain’t it? just looking at the picture makes me cringe.eeek.  i see about a gazillion dresses squished in together like sardines. and that’s not even counting  the piles of clothes hiding beneath, screaming for space.

having another closet of the same size would make my problems go away.  i, however, have the misfortune of not having any extra space in the room to store my wardrobe (my books are fighting for space too, and i just can’t give either up!)

so here i am, stuck with this tiny closet where i have to figure out a way to put in about 30 to 40 dresses, 20 pairs of pants/trousers, about 50 different tops  more clothes than it can handle.  i’ve marked off this weekend to do the impossible: arrange everything so it all fits in and still look neat and tidy. the sorry state of my closet in the picture doesn’t show it, but i can get quite OC when it comes to arranging everything. I like to segregate clothes by type, then color. now if you love colors as much as i do, that leaves me with a lot of piles of  dresses, tops, and bottoms, all segregated by color—but nowhere to put them. and therein lies my dilemma.

suggestions, anyone? 🙂



this is going to be a long weekend. here’s to hoping yours is a good one!



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