individual expressions of style

17 Nov

every day is a reason to express myself with the way i choose to dress up.

luckyfor me, i work for a company that doesn’t require us to wear formal, business-casual outfits.

i love the freedom that gives me as far as what i wear to work. because today i might wanna dress up boho casual chic. tomorrow might inspire me to dress up fifties’ style (i love, love, love that era!). next week might see me in a ready-to-paint-the-town-red ensemble.

i’m not sure a lot of people in the office look forward to dressing up for work the way i do. it might sound superficial and shallow, but hey, it’s something that helps me mentally prepare for the stresses that the day might (and usually does) bring.

what makes it even more fun  is having two like-minded gal pals who have their own unique and amazing individual styles  (and who share a love of  ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the free people blog and fashion entries on pinterest!)

work day drama

individual styles

the faces of karlita



me :)




vest day!

vest day!

out for lunch

out for lunch

the elevator scene

the elevator scene





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