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for whom the death bell tolls

4 Dec

for whom the death bell tolls

[i started this post last week, but only got around to finishing it today. i hate to write on a somber note after yet another hiatus from blogging, but  sometimes, we do not get to choose what we want to talk about. sometimes, some things just need to be expressed.]

last night, I heard the heartbreaking news of a friend’s parents gunned down after attempting to fight back after being held up as they were getting into their car. the father passed away on the spot from shots to the heart; the mother lost the fight early this morning. the brother, for reasons still unknown, was spared. all for a purse that the mother refused to give up.

and our friend was here in my city, miles and miles away from her family because she’s studying here. to lose both parents in one instant, in the most unnatural way, and to not be there . . . there really are no words.

the world we live in is indeed a dark and frightening place. one where the value of life has lost all meaning. or whose worth is equal to the contents of a woman’s purse. one where a person can so easily, and without conscience, take another’s life over what that seems to bring out the worst in us—money, greed.

our hearts mourn and break and we cry out in anguish to the heavens, asking, begging for an explanation for the senseless deaths. but there is no rhyme or reason, no answer that will ever fully satisfy or ease the sorrow.

it’s been a week since we heard the news. and i’m still struggling with the whys and how comes and what ifs. i can’t help but think of my own mortality and all the questions and fears that pop up whenever we encounter death. and though i know i’ll never have the answers until my own time has come, i am comforted by the hope i have in Him.

i’ll end with an excerpt from the Ernest Hemingway novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls:

How little we know of what there is to know. I wish that I were going to live a long time instead of going to die today because I have learned much about life in these four days; more, I think than in all other time. I’d like to be an old man to really know. I wonder if you keep on learning or if there is only a certain amount each man can understand. I thought I knew so many things that I know nothing of. I wish there was more time.


rest in peace, e & e o.