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the melody of poetry

15 Aug

a good friend recently sent me a link to a huffington post article featuring a video of a man with OCD who was sharing a poem he wrote about falling in love. (wow, that was a mouthful!) the skeptic in me initially thought it was probably your run of the mill declaration of passion and was considering skipping it, but i was wrong. so very wrong. and i am glad i stuck to that page and watched the video. because it was beyond words.

rarely do i get to appreciate poetry because a lot of times, i think it’s way beyond the creative level i’m at. poets (and my boyfriend is one of them*) just seem to live on a totally different world. i truly think it’s amazing how manage to somehow string words together to perfectly while sometimes managing to break and defy all grammatical and punctuation rules in the world. i love the aesthetics of a written poem. seeing how a poet carefully (or perhaps without too much thought) decides to end a line with a specific word and position the next one onto the second line and so on and so forth. and how perfect and beautifully arranged  it all looks. who knew words could look like that? and when the aesthetic and the message of the poem fit so well together like the art that is ee cummings’s poems—just, wow.

in any case, here is the video of neil hilborn’s “OCD.” this tugged at my heart and made me cry. i hope you like it too.

*should you be interested in reading his blog of poems and such, visit it here.


the loneliness of home

14 Aug

[a post i wrote back in june but got around to finishing today]

all is quiet in this big old house again. the stifling stillness and the empty spaces are enough to make me want to put my hands on my face and just let out a good ole’ cry. and bemoan about it on my blog.

just a week ago, the house was filled with the lovely sounds and sights of family chaos. if you’re from a sort-of-big family like i am—4 siblings and a niece (a recent addition to the family) to boot, plus extended family, then anything but a noise- and chatter-filled home is your run-of-the-mill day. all that changed when my mom passed away, me and my siblings got older, and life happened. the siblings moved out for one reason or another till it was just me, my dad, our yaya, and our 7 dogs. i can’t imagine what the house is like on weekdays when i’m at the office. how deathly quiet it must be here, with only the occasional dog barks and accompanying buzz of the tv to keep my dad company. at night, it’s the same scenario. that’s probably why i usually go home late. to avoid all this. weekends are worse, especially when my siblings don’t come over for a visit. that’s why for that one week my brother and his wife came back from singapore for a one-week visit, my heart was overjoyed. finally . . .  some life and noise in our house again.

it’s really both heartwarming and heartbreaking to know that nothing but family is able to replace the emptiness of home.

oh, hello there: the return of the comeback

14 Aug

hiatus. that seems to be a word that comes up a lot in relation to my blog.

hello again, old friend. what a joy it is to be able to hear the clickety-clack (or is it tappity-tap) of the keyboard as i write this post. how . . . familiar and cathartic. whenever i remember that i actually do have a blog, i always find myself rationalizing why i am not able to write or post anything. not that i feel obligated to, but when i started this, i told myself this was one of the methods i’d employ to fine-tune and hone my writing skills. so much for that considering i find myself writing less and less this year. there’s always work, family, life, my tv series addiction, blah-blah-blah. excuses.

to be honest, my interest in updating my blog comes in bursts of creative inspiration that catches me unawares more often than not. i’m usually in places where i do not have access to a computer or laptop when the itch to write comes over me. i usually have what i think is a wild idea i would love to write about and i struggle to keep those thoughts (and especially the fancy and the what i think are perfect words to use) in my mind till i get my hands on anything to write on.  but by then my train of thoughts have lost steam, always to my dismay. and that’s mainly the reason i have about 4 or 5 posts sitting in the drafts folder right now. hahaha, to my credit, i just finished one, which i’ll post after this 😀 in fact, i am excited to blog about many other things soon, especially a one-week trip to thailand for my birthday.

weeeh! and so the comeback begins.