oh, hello there: the return of the comeback

14 Aug

hiatus. that seems to be a word that comes up a lot in relation to my blog.

hello again, old friend. what a joy it is to be able to hear the clickety-clack (or is it tappity-tap) of the keyboard as i write this post. how . . . familiar and cathartic. whenever i remember that i actually do have a blog, i always find myself rationalizing why i am not able to write or post anything. not that i feel obligated to, but when i started this, i told myself this was one of the methods i’d employ to fine-tune and hone my writing skills. so much for that considering i find myself writing less and less this year. there’s always work, family, life, my tv series addiction, blah-blah-blah. excuses.

to be honest, my interest in updating my blog comes in bursts of creative inspiration that catches me unawares more often than not. i’m usually in places where i do not have access to a computer or laptop when the itch to write comes over me. i usually have what i think is a wild idea i would love to write about and i struggle to keep those thoughts (and especially the fancy and the what i think are perfect words to use) in my mind till i get my hands on anything to write on.  but by then my train of thoughts have lost steam, always to my dismay. and that’s mainly the reason i have about 4 or 5 posts sitting in the drafts folder right now. hahaha, to my credit, i just finished one, which i’ll post after this 😀 in fact, i am excited to blog about many other things soon, especially a one-week trip to thailand for my birthday.

weeeh! and so the comeback begins.


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