the melody of poetry

15 Aug

a good friend recently sent me a link to a huffington post article featuring a video of a man with OCD who was sharing a poem he wrote about falling in love. (wow, that was a mouthful!) the skeptic in me initially thought it was probably your run of the mill declaration of passion and was considering skipping it, but i was wrong. so very wrong. and i am glad i stuck to that page and watched the video. because it was beyond words.

rarely do i get to appreciate poetry because a lot of times, i think it’s way beyond the creative level i’m at. poets (and my boyfriend is one of them*) just seem to live on a totally different world. i truly think it’s amazing how manage to somehow string words together to perfectly while sometimes managing to break and defy all grammatical and punctuation rules in the world. i love the aesthetics of a written poem. seeing how a poet carefully (or perhaps without too much thought) decides to end a line with a specific word and position the next one onto the second line and so on and so forth. and how perfect and beautifully arranged  it all looks. who knew words could look like that? and when the aesthetic and the message of the poem fit so well together like the art that is ee cummings’s poems—just, wow.

in any case, here is the video of neil hilborn’s “OCD.” this tugged at my heart and made me cry. i hope you like it too.

*should you be interested in reading his blog of poems and such, visit it here.


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