today, I am grateful for . . . (day 1)

12 Mar

i have recently noticed a lot of people in facebook posting pictures with the hashtag #100daysofhappiness. out of curiousity, i asked a friend what it was all about. apparently, it’s a challenge for people to find things that make them happy every day for 100 days. according to her, the challenge was a tough one because only a very few are able to actually last throughout it. my initial reaction was, “how difficult can it be to find something that makes you happy?”

fast forward an hour later, and i realized that yes, it can be difficult to do it. why? because we live in a possession-obsessed world that constantly clamors for us to own the next “it” thing—whether it means getting the latest high-end gadget, a revolutionary beauty fix, or even getting your child into the most exclusive and renowned school in the planet. we are made to think there is something fundamentally lacking in our lives until we possess whatever is being flaunted at us. contentment has become an obsolete word, and over time, our concept of happiness seems like an unattainable goal. which is exactly why the project is a worthwhile one.

i was inspired to undertake a similar project, but i wanted mine to be about 100 days of gratitude. a friend’s used the phrase “attitude of gratitude” in a recent post related to the happiness project, and it really struck me. i am at a point in my life where i need to make a conscious effort to remember the many things i am thankful for but take for granted. so i endeavor to keep this in mind for the next 100 days.

this couldn’t have come at a better time. life in its humdrum (and the seeming futility of it all) has gotten me down the past few weeks or so, so i am hopeful this will remind me that life can still pleasantly surprise you and that there is still so much more to look forward to.

so to get to it, i would like to start off with what i am grateful for today.



1.i am grateful for the capacity to express myself through the “printed” word and the freedom to do so.


see you tomorrow!


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