today, i am grateful for . . . (day 3)

14 Mar


I groggily woke up this morning to cooing sounds emanating from the right side of my bed. for a minute, i was at a loss trying to figure out who—or what—was making that noise. when i realized who the source was, i smiled as i yawned and opened my eyes. i was right!

standing beside my bed was the nanny holding on to my cutie-patootie, chubbycheeks nephew. he giggled in that pleasing sort of way only babies can (like someone had told him THE funniest joke in the world) as the nanny handed him off to me. he looked at me inquisitively and then broke out one of those contented smiles that makes me believe that all is well in the world.

i breathed in and out deeply and grinned. oh babies 🙂


1.i am grateful for the capacity to express myself through the “printed” word and the freedom to do so.

2. i am grateful for sweet summer rainshowers that lift up the soul and energize the spirit.

3. i thank God for the gift of nephews and nieces who remind me that joy can be found even in the simplest of things.


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