verbosity is my middle name.

when i write (and talk), i like to cram in as much of my thoughts as i can into one sentence or paragraph, saying everything i can possibly say, as if there were no tomorrow, as if i had no other chance to express myself. thoughts always pop into my head too fast for my brain to process and store and—it’s always the same story—poof! a w0uld-be great idea more often than not disappears like a puff of smoke.

putting my rambling thoughts and ideas into words and immortalizing them, so to speak, has been (until now) what i thought would be an unachievable item in my life’s to-do checklist, one i’d wistfully struggle over for eternity.

so here is my wholehearted attempt to do just that. to put to paper those random uh-huh, duh, what?!, why?, why not?, what if? thoughts, as well as the memorable and sometimes not-so-remarkable moments in my life.



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