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just another day at the office

3 Apr

with friends goofing around during our dinner break at the office. inspired by the amayyzing photos at the free people blog (which makes us just silly with envy), we decided we couldn’t pass up on the photo op. haha. this is only one set of many that i haven’t posted here yet :p

that’s anne at the far left, our resident health buff slash yoga queen. next to her in the lovely pink and grey pullover is govinda, budding yoga princess and kick-ass graphic and web designer. then there’s me (no need to expound on that, ha!), and then karla, writer extraordinaire, poet and hippie at heart, and our favorite model in our spontaneous so-called “photo shoots.”

it was a rainy day when these photos were taken (a rarity when the summer season hits our country), and i just thought it cool how each one of us dressed up for the weather. 🙂

goofing around 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


individual expressions of style

17 Nov

every day is a reason to express myself with the way i choose to dress up.

luckyfor me, i work for a company that doesn’t require us to wear formal, business-casual outfits.

i love the freedom that gives me as far as what i wear to work. because today i might wanna dress up boho casual chic. tomorrow might inspire me to dress up fifties’ style (i love, love, love that era!). next week might see me in a ready-to-paint-the-town-red ensemble.

i’m not sure a lot of people in the office look forward to dressing up for work the way i do. it might sound superficial and shallow, but hey, it’s something that helps me mentally prepare for the stresses that the day might (and usually does) bring.

what makes it even more fun  is having two like-minded gal pals who have their own unique and amazing individual styles  (and who share a love of  ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the free people blog and fashion entries on pinterest!)

work day drama

individual styles

the faces of karlita



me :)




vest day!

vest day!

out for lunch

out for lunch

the elevator scene

the elevator scene




just how many is enough? pairs of shoes, that is.

9 Jun
just how many is enough? pairs of shoes, that is.

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two days ago, a colleague asked me this question out of the blue: how many pairs of shoes did i have?

ha! i’ll admit, it took me about a minute before i gave him an answer, which was about 15 to 20, i told him. he then (yes, a guy asked me this question!) looked at me thoughtfully and nodded, turned to someone else beside me, and asked her the same question. his question got me thinking, just how many pairs are essential to any woman’s wardrobe? if you randomly pluck a woman on the street and ask her that, i’m sure she’ll say the same thing i would, “there will never be enough!” but the sad (okay, frustrating) truth is not all of us are blessed with the resources to buy any pair that catches our fancy. so i started to think about shoe must-haves for every woman (not an easy task, i tell you).

here are the things i think women should consider when stacking their shoe racks:

1.  buying a few pairs in monochromatic colors. think black, brown, white, and red. almost anything goes with these colors. choosing monochromatic colors gives you more mileage per pair (sounds very technical, i know) and gives you a wider range of colors and prints to pick for everything you’re wearing above your ankles.

2. making sure you have at least one each of different shoe styles. different occasions call for different types of shoes. this is my personal checklist of what should be in my shoe rack (a pair of the following):

  • flip-flops (a given)
  • ballet flats,
  • sneakers,
  • boots,
  • sandals (one for a casual day out and one for a dressier outfits),
  • wedges,
  • peep toes (they’re just the right amount of sexy)
  • pumps
  • and of course, a fancy pair of stilettos for a night out.

3. investing in  a second pair of your favorite shoes. sounds wasteful, i know. but the times i wish i had done so are too many to count. i don’t know about you, but i tend to have favorite “go-to” pairs that i use, which match almost all of my clothes. using them day in and out causes wear and tear, and next thing i know, the straps or heels have snapped, and my once-glamorous and fancy feet accessory is now a grubby looking pair that ispast  unrecognizable. so i schlepp back to the store to get another pair, and lo and behold! i can’t find them anywhere. lesson learned: if there is a pair that i absolutely cannot live without, i must get a second pair of it.

4. purchasing a fabulous-looking, attention-grabbing pair of shoes. once you have the basics, it’s never a bad idea to tap into your inner wild child and get yourself shoes that are a statement in itself, one that screams, “Forget my outfit, looks what’s on my feet!”

5. brands aren’t everything, and not always does expensive translate to looking good.  being one of the regular gals (read: one of those who actually has to work to earn a living), i don’t have the luxury of buying shoes that cost an arm and leg. for us living in the real world, looking good and feeling good doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive. with  lot of TLC, i’ve found that many a pair of my nameless, outlet-store-bought-but-snazzy-looking shoes last longer than i’d expected. and as for shoes with prices that make me gasp for air, well . . . sure, a lot of them give me a OMG-i-wish-i-could-afford-them feeling, but i’m a firm believer in  the saying, “money can’t buy you taste or style.” and i’m just gonna leave it at that. 😀