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today, i am grateful for . . . (day 6)

9 Apr
Image from www. imgarcade.com

Image from www. imgarcade.com

we believe in practical compassion.

those are the first spoken words in the “shoe that grows” video. hearing them really struck a chord with me—don’t they with you?

the fact of the matter is, these days, it’s very easy to write an article or share a post about the indignities suffered by the poor all around the world (heck, even i am guilty of that.) we rant and rave about it on social media, and somehow, in its own way, it assuages the guilt we feel for not being able to do anything about it. this is how i do my part seems to be the mind-set. now, i’m not saying writing about these issues isn’t important. they are because yes, we need to be reminded and remind each other of them constantly. but sometimes, i can’t help but feel like we talk and talk and talk—and do nothing.

and that’s why the idea of the shoe that grows really just made me go, wow! these people went beyond seeing and talking about the problem to actually really thinking long and hard about how to address it in a very practical way. to be honest, i’m actually just a little envious of whoever said, “okay, let’s sit down and find a solution to this.”how exciting that must have been.

today, we tout innovations that allow us to “experience” movies or “wear” computers, but its innovations like this that should be getting attention. imagine the practicality and feasibility of having one pair of shoes you are sure you could fit into for the next 4 or  5 years: an extendable shoe! that may seem like something not worth singing praises over for those of us who take having footwear for granted, but for children who walk to school under the scorching sun or people who get around barefoot through the rain and muddy, filthy streets, it is something.

it really is heartening to know that enough people have seen this need and have supported this endeavor. it gives me so much hope that there are people who have a mind-set that sees innovations in this way: going beyond thinking of ways to make our lives easier (or put in another way, make us lazier) and actually considering applications that can address real-life issues and concerns.

i’m sure there are many others who have come up with brilliant ideas like this. i can’t wait to hear about the next one.


If you want to learn more about the organization and how you can support it, visit https://theshoethatgrows.org.



1.i am grateful for the capacity to express myself through the “printed” word and the freedom to do so.

2. i am grateful for sweet summer rainshowers that lift up the soul and energize the spirit.

3. i thank God for the gift of nephews and nieces who remind me that joy can be found even in the simplest of things.

4. i am thankful for a God of second and third and fourth chances: after so long and after so many wrong turns, i have found the one i want to spend the rest of my life with—a kind, generous, funny man with a good heart.

5. thank God for wonderfully supportive, talented, creative, gracious friends with big hearts.

6. i am thankful for people who inspire me to do and not just think, who help me realize that i can always contribute in some way.