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I’m back—again.

27 Mar

Wow, it’s literally been a year since I’ve even opened my blog. So much for my 2015 goal of getting back to blogging. But, but, but . . .  so much has happened.

I’ve got too many stories and rants and raves backlogged in this brain of mine, itching to be told: a trip to Thailand two years ago that was just mind-blowing awesome, an unexpected travel to HK for work [first time to travel alone—ever!], and uhmm . . . hhmm . . . wait, let me see. What was that last bit? Oh yeah, I’m getting married in four months !!! [I am not a believer in multiple punctuation, but this occasion sure merits it.]

Busy does not even begin to describe the state I’m in now, especially since for the most part, we’re doing things ourselves and just getting a wedding coordinator for the day itself. [Big side note: why have none of my married friends ever told me just how expensive it is to get married these days? Jeez. No wonder many opt to go the civil route instead.]

I am somehow forcing myself to squeeze in the time to hastily post this entry in between watching CSI and writing and checking and double-checking our mile-long wedding to-do list. Why? Because I really do miss my blog and exercising those writing muscles. Fingers crossed, I’ll get back into the hang of things [including my #100daysofgratitude project, argghh!], and this little space will once again be filled with my random musings on a more frequent basis.


Last I checked, I was on Day 3 of my #100daysofgratitude project. I will attempt to resume with Day 4 in a separate post [small victories, as they say]



epiphanies and more on a jeepney ride

5 Feb

watch the drama unfold on a jeepney ride on a regular friday night:

the woman sitting across me staring out at the road, fiddling with her cell phone.

the teenager who’s leaning on the side of the entrance, happily beating the drumbeat to a justin bieber song as he sings
“yeah, yeah, yeah, i wanna see you tonight.”

the mother trying her best to hold on to her wares while dealing with her fussy child sitting on her lap.

the guy who probably works in an office, nodding his head to the beat of whatever music is playing through his earphones.

the lovers, fingers entertwined, exchanging a look only they can decipher.

and a girl clutching her bag tightly to her chest, surreptitiously looking to her left and right—imagining, wondering:
what kind of lives do these people live outside the confines of this rusting metal vehicle?

as she alights, those musings are whisked away with a honk-honk as the jeepney speeds away.


oh, hello there: the return of the comeback

14 Aug

hiatus. that seems to be a word that comes up a lot in relation to my blog.

hello again, old friend. what a joy it is to be able to hear the clickety-clack (or is it tappity-tap) of the keyboard as i write this post. how . . . familiar and cathartic. whenever i remember that i actually do have a blog, i always find myself rationalizing why i am not able to write or post anything. not that i feel obligated to, but when i started this, i told myself this was one of the methods i’d employ to fine-tune and hone my writing skills. so much for that considering i find myself writing less and less this year. there’s always work, family, life, my tv series addiction, blah-blah-blah. excuses.

to be honest, my interest in updating my blog comes in bursts of creative inspiration that catches me unawares more often than not. i’m usually in places where i do not have access to a computer or laptop when the itch to write comes over me. i usually have what i think is a wild idea i would love to write about and i struggle to keep those thoughts (and especially the fancy and the what i think are perfect words to use) in my mind till i get my hands on anything to write on.  but by then my train of thoughts have lost steam, always to my dismay. and that’s mainly the reason i have about 4 or 5 posts sitting in the drafts folder right now. hahaha, to my credit, i just finished one, which i’ll post after this 😀 in fact, i am excited to blog about many other things soon, especially a one-week trip to thailand for my birthday.

weeeh! and so the comeback begins.

procrastination 101

21 Oct


from someecards.com

aahh, the art of procrastinating . . .


1 month and 8 days. that’s how long it’s been since i last posted anything. that is really, really bad for someone who’s been pushing herself to making this a part of her “flexing my creative muscles and wanting to hone my writing skills” experiment. oh, the desire and hankering to twiddle on my blog is there, all right. but i can never seem to summon up the energy to type out the endless stream of thoughts in my head.

in fact,  just the thought of it now makes me tired.

that’s why i really am envious of friends who commit to posting on their blogs on a regular basis, if not every day. where they find the time to do so is beyond me. if my attempts to blog every day were ever put to film, it would be an endless loop of this scenario: me getting home, plonking on my bed, turning on my laptop (and getting a few minutes of shut-eye while it loads). transition to next scene of me logging into my blog while simultaneously reading the news online and surfing the Web while my blog loads. fast forward 2 hours later—and i’m on some random website reading an article that caught my fancy, the tab where my blog was loading remaining untouched. and surprise of surprises, by this time, i am drained and ready for bed. scene fades out, and i do the same thing all over again the next day.

the really sad thing about it is, i know i can do something about it. i just refuse to. *sigh* but hey, today’s a new day. and in a bit, i’ll be hitting that Publish button. fingers crossed, i’ll be at it again soon enough (though i am planning to make up for the 1-month hiatus with a couple more posts today :D)

happy sunday!